Hi! I’m Olga Alexandru, a poet, writer, zine maker and digital marketing professional. Welcome to my website!

Cafe Vignette

Young mothers and babies. Foreign languages. Hot air blowing on a cold rainy day. Spanish music playing overhead. Laughter. Dishes clanking. The joy around leading to internal panic. Being an outsider to it all. An observer and documentarian. And I wonder at their lack of self-consciousness. I look at the girl with the short asymmetrical haircut and I want it. It suits her face perfectly. And yet I know I will never try it myself. Would I ever be able to pull it off? She has on a sheer pink dress over jeans. You can see her black bra underneath. She is confident. She’s not the kind of person who dissects everyone else. She’s too busy participating.

Random Musings

Library Vignette