He didn’t even remember me, instead, giving me the practiced customer service smile. His hair was bigger and whiter. He finally had his teeth capped. Before, we would talk about his yellow-brown teeth and how much they disgusted us. They made his smile sinister.His new white ones were a big improvement. His wife was there too, with her hair pulled into a tight bun. So tight in fact, I assumed that was her trick to looking ageless, that’s how her skin was so stretched. I buy an overpriced sandwich. And a cranberry yogurt muffin. The special muffin. The reason I’m really here. I look at the muffin and wonder if it will be as good as I remember. This is what I’ve been doing. Revisiting the past to convince myself it existed. Trying so hard not to forget things that never mattered. Storing it all up for a rainy day. I look across at the bagel place  and wonder if I’ve made a big mistake.