Hi! I’m Olga Alexandru, a poet, writer, zine maker and digital marketing professional. Welcome to my website!

Monday Vignette

We stole a day from summer today. The sun and wind fight for domination. The sun plants warm, soft kisses on my exposed shoulder, neck, ear. The wind lifts up my dress exposing half-shaved legs. But it doesn’t matter. I’m free. I am horizontal. Vertical matters can’t touch me. I can see the reflection of my eye in my sunglasses. I open my eyes and I can see the eyelashes flutter. The eyeball is black. Except when I move a part of glimmers. The eye is seeing itself. The glow takes over. I am unable to resist. I feel gooey. I am on another planet. Liquidated. The wind pushes me. And if I’m not careful I might just drift away.

Bus Vignette

Thursday Vignette