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Radical Unemployment: How To Survive When You Have Mental Health Problems

Last year I sat down to write a zine about unemployment. ‘Radical Unemployment: How To Survive When You Have Mental Health Problems’ was the result. In those 20 pages I put all of my accumulated experiences from the past couple of years spent struggling with anxiety, depression and unemployment. This guide to surviving unemployment is only my experience, of course, but I think it can help other people. So often when we’re unemployed we feel isolated and alone. Our partner, housemates or family get up and go to work and we’re left with the day stretching before us, alone. And once the isolation hits it spreads quickly. I wanted to destigmatise the relationship with unemployment and mental health.

People find it hard enough to talk about these two things separately but when you are struggling with both the guilt, shame and embarrassment can consume you. I wrote the zine to bring it out in the open and say

‘Hey! It’s OK. I’ve been there. I’m still there. And we’ll both get through this. Here’s something that might help’

Here are some of the topics I cover:

  • finding a support team

  • the benefits of creating a routine

  • job hunting while anxious, introverted or highly sensitive

  • the pros and cons of going on benefits/welfare

  • how to accept support from your loved ones

  • what to do if you’re not ready to get back into work

  • free stuff to do

I even added a little pep talk at the end. It’s what I need to hear during the darkest days.

I created a print zine and put it on my Etsy for £3. I also wanted to give away a free PDF version but Etsy wouldn’t let me do that. So I’ve decided to give it away for free here!

If you or anyone else you know is struggling with unemployment and mental health problems and you can’t afford to pay for a print copy please click here to to download it for free.

If this helps you in any way, please reach out and let me know. Forward it on to someone else who could use it. The knowledge is meant to be shared so that the burden might be halved.

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