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I’m living in Bristol for the first time in four months. And, again, I have no idea how to do this. I’m living in a house with strangers in a different part of town. A part that feels alien. Meanwhile, I am so different from who I was fourth months ago that maybe I’m the alien.

I have hit the wall of optimism. There is no more.

I’ve been on an optimistic high for so long and now I’m crashing. Reality is biting me at every turn. I’ve lived in the creative bubble for the past three months now, thinking that if I just worked hard enough I would persevere. I want to tell you that this is what happened but it’s not.

The cab driver made it very clear that he wasn’t from Bristol. As did the man at the bank. As if there some secret I was not aware of. A reason a person would not claim Bristol as his own. This triggered my already nervous temperament. It made me wonder what I had gotten myself into.