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The Bristol Diaries: Differences

A few weeks before I moved to the UK I made a list of irrational fears I had about living in the UK. It was a high point in my anxiety and I thought if I could write it down, it would be an easier monster to tackle. I’ve been thinking about this list the last few weeks because I realized I was so wrong about my worries. But that’s always the case isn’t it? You can never predict what the good or bad will be.

So here’s a list of things I was worried about and how they turned out:

Expectation: That I will have to like British things only

Reality: I have never seen so many American flag covered clothing anywhere…including the US. Bristol feels like the most un-British city in the UK.

Expectation: That I will freeze.

Reality: The first two weeks here were so stifling hot and in anticipation of freezing I didn’t even bring a pair of shorts. All I brought were fancy dresses and skirts for job interviews. Side note: when I moved to Australia I didn’t bring a single jacket. I am clearly weather challenged and cannot be trusted to pack.

Expectation: That everyone is drinking all the time.

Reality: People love cider here. I love cider. There is no problem.

Expectation: The food.

Reality: The grocery stores here are very small. Yesterday I went to Sainsbury’s and there were no tomatoes. Like, none. I have yet to find one grocery store that has everything I need so I’ve ended up making 4-5 trips a day to different places. This is probably the most frustrating thing so far. Also the portions are very small here. There are no 4 L jugs of milk. There are no 1 Kg bags of dried beans. The fridges are small as well.

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