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The Bristol Diaries: Moving out/Moving in

When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it - Paulo Coelho

I quoted that sentence the other day not knowing who it came from. I believe it to be a universal truth, especially now considering my own circumstances. I have born witness to this magic. I’ve always had a dream about the kind of house I would live in once I moved to Europe. It would be rustic, with tons of history, the kind of place that would have garden and where people would stop and talk to each other outside their front doors. I dreamed of sitting outside at a small table, reading or listening to music as the sunlight filtered in. I would host dinner parties where people would sigh with contentment, glass of wine in hand, observing the glittering fairy lights.

And the world conspired to give me this. The house I just moved into is in almost every way my dream. The overgrown courtyard with it’s tiny cafe table with two chairs sit there inviting me in. Yesterday I ate my lunch of bread, cheese, and cucumber on the table, sitting back and enjoying the luscious rays of sun. My room, at the top of four stories, has the most beautiful view of Bristol and I sat there on the ledge listening to music for hours, just watching people pass by. The fireplace in the kitchen, the narrow stairs, all added to the ambiance.

Of course, it was over my budget and I considered not taking it. I considered being practical and looking for something cheaper. But then I thought “No”. For most of my life I’ve played it safe, taken job security over following my passion, bought cheddar instead of brie, stayed in one place rather than venturing out. And that’s what this whole trip has been about: going for it. So if I only get a few months at this, I want it to be the best few months. I want to have my garden dinner parties. I want to stare outside my window for hours and know that this is it. I am doing exactly what I want. I  want to know that I did everything I wanted. No fear, no anxiety, nothing but courage. And since I’ve adopted this attitude, I’ve found that life has made it possible. There are secret signs everywhere telling me that this is right. In this moment I am exactly where I need to be.

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