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The #Bristol Diaries: One Year On

So Bristol. Here we are one year after we first made acquaintances. And it would be a cliché to say “what a year” but that doesn’t make it any less true. Because this was the year it all happened for me.

You welcomed me into your humid, wet arms with a boisterous, unrivaled energy. When I told you I was a writer you smiled and nodded your encouragement. When I told you I was lonely you gave me friends that eventually became family.

Many times you broke my heart. When jobs and money turned their back on me like a black sheep my faith in you wavered. I began to wonder “Are you right for me?”. When I left because you could no longer sustain me I was crushed by the weight of loss. Because after all, it was always you in my heart. When I returned, bursting with new skills and experiences, you welcomed me back with a pint of cider and the promise of balloon rides. Inertia took over and I spun forward toward my future with more excitement and confidence than ever before. In the last year you have been the setting to some of my greatest triumphs:

  • self-publishing my first zine with another one on the way

  • starting my own business…because people now pay me to write and tweet

  • having my first poem accepted for publication

But mostly you made me believe that I could do it all. You wouldn’t let me leave. Some part of you told me to stick around because it was all going to work out. And it did. So thanks, Bristol. For an amazing year filled with so much hope, anticipation, joy, success, and above all: fun!

Spatial Awareness

when I saw that you are married