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Thursday Vignette

The trees stood in a row, branches leafless. Maybe they’re oaks, she thought. How can anyone tell trees apart? she wondered idly. It was a skill she did not possess. It was the early days of spring and everyone in the city was out in it. It was the middle of the day yet places were packed. What did these people do for money that they could be here now? she wondered. When she looked back inside white spots filled her vision. A memento from the sun. The couple by the door played thumb wars. Her turquoise nails stroking his. She spotted a record player. The music playing was unfamiliar but she was not surprised. She thought about the all things she did not yet know. More than trees or music. What the future held. What the people really meant to say in their silences. What the people staring at screens were hoping to find. Why was everyone here? When they could be anywhere. Or nowhere. There were deer antlers above a door that looked like a safe. Across the room from the metal crow. Rustic charm. She drank organic ginger and licorice iced tea. Something she finally knew about.

Monday Vignette

Wednesday Vignette