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Wednesday Vignette

She sat there playing with her phone. Her laptop sat before her untouched. Her right leg was crossed over the left and it moved up and down. She looked bored or sad. Perhaps this was the only place she could see him. Even though she couldn’t be with him she chose to be near him. He worked the coffee bar like a pro, offering suggestions to customers and customizing orders. He was efficient yet thoughtful. When he walked by her his face lit up. He spoke in soft Mandarin to her. She answered but continued to play with her phone, not bothering to look up. He seemed to know all of his customers. Or maybe it just seemed that way. Maybe he was just that friendly. The Food Network played on the tv in one corner of the triangular cafe. There was one other permanent person in the cafe. A businessman wearing a suit and tie. He too had his laptop. He took the girl behind the counter and to the back room. His smile was genuine around her. Once when he came over to her table she ran her hands through his hair. The long counter had games on it. Chess, Uno, Connect 4, and Scrabble. It was in contrast with the gray metal chairs, slick lighting, and orange accents. This did not seem like the kind of place people went to play games. It could be, but it was not yet. The cafe looked out onto the five lane main street. Across the street was an autobody shop. Whatever that was. Something with cars by the looks of it. The mountains were visible behind it. White tops give way to green bodies. The cafe will be closed tomorrow. Perhaps for the holidays. Another girl walks in. She still has her sunglasses on inside. She swaggers over to a chair. She wears an army green anorak, the kind that was fashionable in the 80s and 90s and which has become popular yet again. The one with a string that tightens in the middle. No one in the cafe has a Mac. It’s not that kind of cafe.

Thursday Vignette